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Current legal problems of personnel practice

09:00, 22.2. 2018

Lecturer: Tomáš Procházka

Expert seminar

We will go through the most burning problems of the personnel practices which trouble your copany. We will show you the possibilities on how to work with the working hours, advise you how to set it up correctly and how to take care the working time does not become a toll against you.

We will warn you about the current decisions in practice in the area of rewarding the employees, including cases where you can differentiate the wages between employees in the same position. In our practically focused seminar, we will end with the problems of labour-law controls, including recommendations on how to proceed during those controls and how to prepare for them. On the specific exercises, we will draw your attention to the most common employee mistakes during the controls. We will show you the control activity priorities of the labour inspection for 2018. All these topics will be performed in the practical way and on the examples from the court´s decisions.

Date and place:

  • the 22nd of February 2018, hotel BUDWEIS, Mlýnská 6, České Budějovice

For who is the seminar:

  • HR Directors, internal lawyers


  • Mgr. Tomáš PROCHÁZKA, Partner of AK Dvořák, Hager & Partners


  • 1 500,- Kč without VAT


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