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09:00, 5.6. 2018

Lecturer: Veronika Odrobinová


At this seminar, we will clearly explain ways to legally monitor employees and how their personal data can be processed by presenting practical and concrete cases. All will be illustrated by means of examples of court decisions from practice. We will introduce you to good practices and warn you about what to avoid.

Participants will learn how employees can be checked and monitored and what ways of doing this are already illegal. The presentation will cover everything from personal searches to e-mail and internet monitoring, GPS and cameras to biometric systems. We will focus on the processing of personal employee data, including their sharing with group companies, and related rights and obligations. We will talk about the current practices and opinions of the Office for Personal Data Protection and the penalties you risk by violating your obligations.

Practical cases will also be used to illustrate the most frequent kinds of employee misconduct in this area. Participants will also be alerted to planned changes in the area of personal data protection.

The seminar is intended for representatives of both the private and the public sector, especially executives, lawyers, HR managers and internal auditors.

  • Where: Three Crowns Hotel, Cimburkova 28, Praha 3
  • Who: Veronika Odrobinová
  • Price excl. VAT: 3 980 CZK

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